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Premium Quality Halal Gourmet Meats
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia


The finest selection

We strive to carefully produce great sausages by hand using coarsely chopped prime beef or chicken and vegetable collagen skins. They contain no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no colourings, and only natural spices and seasonings.

Why Choose Abu Adnan

Permium Quality Halal Gourmet Foods


Our fresh meat products can be delivered in Klang Valley only. Biltong can be shipped anywhere

Fresh and Halal

All items are made fresh to order, so please allow up to 3 days before pick up or delivery

Meat is our Speciality

We are an Artisan Meat Company that specialises in Premium Quality Gourmet products

What Clients Say

our products leave a lasting impression

"Had chili garlic beef and smoked chakalaka. Personally I prefer the smoked chakalaka. Will try the other version next time. Thanks!"
Hay Li
Kuala Lampur
"I tried the beef garlic and chili and chakalaka sausages and they were delicious! Definitely ordering again."
Liza Aja
Kuala Lampur
"The biltong is sooo good! I've been craving for it and it just taste like home
Nur Syahirah
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